Tips for Wearing Shorts

Personal Stylist KC Bilder provides us with dos and don’ts for wearing shorts this summer and says any woman can pull off wearing shorts, it’s just a matter of proper fit and wearing them for the right occasion. Keep the following tips in mind: Do find your idea inseam length for your figure and comfort. […]

What are Pain Points?

Pain Points are those frustrating fashion questions we all face like: What neckline is best for me? What’s the right length for a skirt at my height? Why do I have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear?  Can you help me feel fashionable, not frumpy? While we answer many specific questions and […]

Denim Love

Hi fashionista, Ten years ago, I was introduced to high-quality denim. Even though the price startled me, I tried on a pair.  They felt too tight, but my sister (who had been wearing jeans like these for years) insisted I have them and very graciously gave me a pair as a gift.  I wore those […]

The Fashion Equation

Personal Style + Fashion Level + Fashion Filter = On Trend   There seems to be an ongoing question we hear at The Difference, “What is going on this season with pants?” Which leads to, “If my Personal Style Story (PSS) is Classic, what type of top do I wear with that pant?” And then comes […]

The Hipsi Belt

The Hipsi Belt If you’ve ever tried the Isa Belt now we have another option we think you might like even better. The Hipsi Belt! We can’t wait to show you this new arrival. The past few years we’ve gone from no tucking to the partial front tuck as an option with some tops. The Hipsi… […]

Caring for your lingerie

It’s that time of year again! If you haven’t been fit recently or need to replenish, we are here for you! Kristi Lulay from Rosa Faia/Anita will be on hand to help with fitting and give you all lots of help and advice both days. She will also have a drawing for a Bra/panty set!  RSVP for these events by calling 503-636-4261.

Tips and Tools

You’ve made an investment in your wardrobe so here are some tools/tips for keeping your clothing pieces looking their best. Do you prefer ironing or steaming? We recommend steaming and here are a few reasons why. There are numerous models of steamers and whether you use an industrial steamer or hand held inexpensive model it can really be a time saver. […]