Nicole Cameron

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    I feel fortunate to live in a state with fresh, forest air and absolutely love exploring the trails of Forest Park. Art is another passion. First Thursday art walk in the Pearl District is one of my favorite places to get inspired.

  • Describe your personal style.

    I have an eclectic style with a lot of variety. I’m constantly trying new combos to keep it fresh. I’ve got everything from bold colors to soft neutrals. I love my feminine lace, ruffles and florals as well as edgy studs, distressed fabrics and leather.

  • What’s one item of clothing every woman should own?

    A perfect-fitting pair of jeans and a properly fitting bra!

  • Describe your perfect vacation.

    I love a bit of spontaneity. I always want a good mix of time to relax and recharge as well as time to get active, learn and explore.

  • What’s a fashion trend you’d like to see come back?

    Platform shoes. Due to a back injury a few years ago, high heels are not my best friend. Platforms give a little lift while still being comfortable.

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Kirsti Calhoun

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    With a husband, two little kids and a fluffy dog, we are typically on the go and having fun! I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, exercising, being outdoors and traveling. I have an amazing group of girlfriends and I always look forward to long weekend getaways and the opportunity to laugh myself silly!

  • Describe your personal style.

    My style is diverse with a flair for the dramatic. I gravitate toward edgy pieces that are unique but practical.

  • What’s one item of clothing every woman should own?

    Every woman should have (at least) one piece that fully embodies who they are and makes them feel just fabulous!

  • Describe your perfect vacation.

    Sun, sand and a cocktail … those are the essential elements.

  • What’s a fashion trend you’d like to see come back?

    The hair scrunchie? Oh wait, that’s already back! It’s all coming back!

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Daron Deonier-Clemons

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    When I’m not styling a client you’ll find me hiking with my husband & notoriously adorable doodle or crafting a new recipe. Travel fuels my soul and I always return home with new inspirations for my aesthetic tool box. I studied apparel design at Washington State University and love the immense possibilities within The Difference to create your own style story that is unique and effortlessly chic.

  • What should each woman own?

    A great fitting, structured jacket is a must!

  • What should come back in style?

    Kitten heels would make my feet do a happy dance!

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Cheryl LeDoux

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    Horses, horses and horses – Western style!  When I’m not riding, you’ll find me busy with family and friends. My husband George and I enjoy traveling and who doesn’t like a good wine tasting trip?

  • How would you describe your personal style?

    Delicate/classic with elements of drama.

  • What’s one item of clothing every woman should own?

    The perfect shoe - one with a sassy statement that expresses your personal style.

  • Describe your perfect vacation.

    The ingredients: the great outdoors, beautiful weather, my friends from near and far, great horses, good cattle to work, finishing off with good stories and good wine. (and a good night sleep to begin all over again ?)

  • What’s a fashion trend you’d like to see come back?

    Big Hair!! I have very curly hair and straighten it with a flat iron every day.

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Elizabeth McCabe

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    Elizabeth is a Sales Associate, primarily at our Vancouver location. After nearly 20 years helping people select the perfect eyeglasses, she made the transition to full personal styling. A wife, mother (both human and furry) she loves to read, plant flowers, decorate, and spend time with her lifelong friends. You can find her on Instagram at her very fitting handle of @6footredhead.

  • Tell us about your personal style.

    I love color and would describe my personal style as classic with a twist! I'm always open to trying to new styles and feel my favorite is ever evolving.

  • What's the most rewarding part of what you do at The Difference?

    I love seeing women surprised at how good they look! You can actually see their confidence explode from within.

  • What's a fashion item every woman should own?

    A great fitting pair of jeans! They are the building block to a lot of great outfits.

  • Describe your perfect vacation.

    A tropical beach, a drink in my hand, warm water, white sand, my wonderful husband and no distractions!

  • What's a fashion trend you'd love to see come back?

    T-shirt clips! As an 80s and 90s baby, I wore them religiously!

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Babs Osterud

  • Describe your lifestyle and interests.

    Babs joined The Difference team in 2021 as a Sales Associate, after being a client for many years. She resides in the beautiful Willamette Valley on a small horse farm, with her husband of 43 years. In addition to spending a lot of time with the horses, her four active grandchildren keep her busy. She loves to spend time outdoors, including hiking, skiing and walking on the beach.

  • How would you describe your personal style?

    I'd say I'm a mix of natural and dramatic. My style has evolved from when I was first a client at The Difference. Previously I wouldn't even go near any accessories and now I don't go anywhere without a fun pair of earrings - at minimum!

  • What's one item of clothing you feel every women should own?

    A comfy, fun sweater for our cold, dreary days in the Pacific Northwest and a great pair of jeans!

  • What's one of the rewarding parts of your job?

    I love helping women find their authentic style. It's fun to watch people the reaction of women when they see the whole picture come together and they are comfortable with their look and individual personality.

  • Describe your perfect vacation.

    I like to be busy and adventurous, so any vacation where there is a lot of history to explore is ideal (especially old castles!) Also, great food, of course.

  • What's a fashion trend you'd like to see come back?

    So many of the trends from my younger days are already making a comeback. I'd love to see a great maxi dress with smocking at the waist.

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