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April 27, 2018 10:20 pm

Hi fashionista,

Ten years ago, I was introduced to high-quality denim. Even though the price startled me, I tried on a pair.  They felt too tight, but my sister (who had been wearing jeans like these for years) insisted I have them and very graciously gave me a pair as a gift.  I wore those jeans for years, loved them and will never again compromise the fit and quality of a great pair

Because of my passion and appreciation for a great pair of jeans, I went on to be a denim fit specialist at my previous job. I now own over 20 pairs that I’ve purchased over the last 5 years and wear a pair every single day.  I have styles from a dark wash flare to a very light wash, step hem distressed skinny. I own a pair for every occasion and aspect of my life. It’s pretty safe to say that denim is my life.

When considering buying a new pair, I adhere to a strict checklist. Do they fit and compliment my body type? Do they suit my lifestyle? Do they match my fashion level?

I always start with finding a fit that matches my body type. I have athletic thighs and am pear shaped so I carry my weight in my butt and thighs. I want my jeans to move with me all day, I don’t want to have to tug or readjust them. Denim made with Lycra gives the jean a lot of stretch. They are made to feel close-fitting at first so when trying them on, I always make sure the waist fits snug but not uncomfortable. If they bunch in the knees and I can fit a finger between my waist and the waistband, I go down a size. I don’t worry about how they fit in the thigh. As we wear jeans, our body heat warms the Lycra and they will stretch and mold to your body.

I also consider where I will be wearing them. My answer is everywhere! I have a busy life with two boys and a husband. My jeans need to take me from the hockey rink to dinner downtown with friends. I make my jeans work for me, on so many occasions. I dress them up and down, changing the shoes and top and I’m ready to go.

Fashion level is also important. On a scale from 1 to 5 (think Paris runway chic), in jeans, I’m a 4.  I always look to the next trend and am not at all afraid to try something new.  Is it an up and coming style? The latest and greatest? Then yes, please!  After all, I’m a sophisticated casual with a smidge of drama.  But, if the pair doesn’t fit my body type or lifestyle, I don’t buy them even if it is the latest trend. I don’t try to “make them work” as our closets are full of those pieces.

Body type combined with lifestyle and fashion level is the perfect equation for an amazing pair of jeans for you. As a Stylist at The Difference, I put women in jeans every day- including a great number that just don’t wear them anymore. It gives me great joy to show our clients that regardless of size, body type or age they can love how they look and feel in denim. Let us help you find the perfect pair, one that fits your body type, lifestyle and fashion level. Consider joining us for a jean event in May or come on in for a one on one jean fit appointment.  And don’t be surprised if denim becomes your life!

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KC Bildner

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