Kirsti Calhoun

Who Knew Tucking Could Be Such a Challenge?

March 1, 2018 11:29 pm

Remember the good old days? When tucking your shirt simply meant pushing your top into your pants, blousing it out a bit and you were good to go? You could still do that but you run the risk of not looking like you got dressed in this decade.

Thank goodness The Difference has amazing stylists.  KC has got us all saying the word “tuckle” which she has coined for a small tuck right around one of your hip pockets, adding a little interest and drape.  But Kirsti had so much to say that we had to post it!

Dearest Clients, I know you’re used to longer tops with leggings-like pants.  I know.  I am too. And now we’re telling you to raise the length of those tops to be at your natural waist? I, personally, am no longer 20 and don’t necessarily want to show everything I’ve got below my waist. I have had to learn to tuck in such a way that I look age appropriate, hide everything I want to hide and all the while remain on-trend.

While more comfortable and secure, rising waistlines on pants have ensured that tucking your shirt in will create an odd sort of proportion, making your torso look tiny.  Try it, you’ll see!  There’s a reason that look never trended- too much leg and waist showing for those of us in the real world.

Enter the Tina tuck! Start by layering one of The Difference’s Tina tops (in tank, sleeveless, ¾ or long sleeve) under your shirt.  Tuck the front of your top under your tina, blousing it out as much as you feel necessary, maybe even pulling it to the side as Kirsti shows below.  A Tina is fitted enough that it holds your tuck securely and looks great.

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