Kirsti Calhoun

Back-to-basics skincare routine Lesson 2: Toner

September 20, 2018 9:21 am

Who should use a toner? Everyone! I found toner to be the most frequently misunderstood step in the skincare routine. Let’s learn about why it is so important!

When you wash your face, the warm water and cleanser opens your pores and throws off your PH balance, waking up your skin. Toner is designed to bring your skin back down to a neutral PH balance, close your pores and balancing your skin so moisturizer can do its job and makeup is ready for application.

Are you someone who realizes your makeup disappears by mid-afternoon regardless of the type of makeup you use? Want to know what happened to it – it was likely absorbed into your skin because your face wasn’t properly balanced and prepped before application! Skipping toner leaves your skin more vulnerable, less hydrated, and definitely not properly prepped for makeup.

Be cautious with the toner you select. You don’t want alcohol as one of the first few ingredients. All of the toners we carry at The Difference are alcohol-free. Ask your stylist about what toner works best for you!

Next week we’ll cover the final lesson in our back-to-basics series: moisturizers!

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Kirsti Calhoun

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