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Style Spotlight: Client, Megan Muth-Larson & Personal Stylist, Kirsti

June 2, 2019 11:56 am

Working with a variety of women, we often hear comments like, “I don’t have time to shop” or “nothing in my closet looks good on me.” For this month’s Style Spotlight we decided to feature client Megan Muth-Larson, a busy professional and mom who found her fashion friend and confidence booster in her relationship with The Difference and Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun.

Kirsti (left) and Megan (right)

Client: Megan Muth-Larson, dentist and busy mom of three boys

Her lifestyle: Always on the go with work, kids, volunteering, sports and fun with friends and family

Her typical appointment with Kirsti: We spend the first 20 minutes “catching up” on our lives so we can make clothing choices accordingly!

On her favorite outfit: I have an amazing, bright, fun dress I wrote to celebrate my 40th birthday. Every time I wear it, I remember all the fun of my party and smile.

Words of wisdom to women thinking about shopping at The Difference: I always leave The Difference feeling better about myself as I’m armed with good fitting, fun clothes that make me feel confident in myself. I also love getting compliments on my unique outfits!

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