Client, Deana Coppernoll and Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun

April 26, 2024 9:09 pm

In this month’s style spotlight we are highlighting Kirsti’s wonderful client Deana Coppernoll, who has been a client of The Diff for 18 years! Deana perfectly describes how having a Personal Stylist has improved her life – from ushering her from the comfortable clutches of yoga pants & sweatshirts, to adding the garment of her dreams to her wardrobe.

How long have you been a client of The Difference?  Wow, 18 years? Is that even possible? It feels like just yesterday I walked in for the first time.

Profession:  I am a Senior HR Program Manager by day, and by night (and pretty much all other hours), I’m navigating the wilds of teen wrangling with my bright and funny teenager balancing everything from family game nights to spontaneous weekend adventures.

How do you describe your lifestyle:  My lifestyle is a constant quest for harmony, where I balance the thrill of adventure with the serenity of peaceful moments. I make it a point to infuse as much laughter as possible into every day. Through the highs and the lulls, I keep laughing through the chaos, always with a coffee in hand.

How did you hear about The Difference?  My sister-in-law, Rita Coppernoll-Houston introduced me to The Difference and I have not looked back.

Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist and experience at The Difference?  Kirsti is my go-to whenever I need a style boost, whether for a high-stakes presentation or smart packing for travel. The Difference is a place I can trust for quality without the hassle of battling mall crowds or playing order-roulette online. It’s refreshing to have such a reliable spot where I feel comfortable discussing my style dilemmas and life’s ambitions. Kirsti always listens attentively and offers personalized advice, helping me find the perfect ‘power outfit’, mastering the art of styling a blazer for three distinct looks, or the best way to fit everything into a carry-on. Her guidance isn’t just about looking good—it’s about feeling great and expressing my true self with confidence and ease.

Do you have a favorite outfit/product/memory associated with The Difference?  I’ve always dreamed of owning one of those iconic trench coats you see in movies set against the New York skyline—functional yet utterly chic. One day, I popped into The Difference without planning, just looking to try on some jeans. As I was discussing my need for a new jacket with Cheryl, my long-held desire for a trench coat completely slipped my mind. Suddenly, Cheryl had this mischievous twinkle in her eye and whisked herself to the back room. Moments later, she returned with the most stunning, quintessentially New York style trench coat. It was exactly what I had been longing for. I bought it on the spot, and it’s still my favorite piece!

What’s something you’d share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference?  Like many of us, my life took quite the turn over the past four years. I swapped my fabulously curated outfits for sweats and comfy shoes during the work-from-home era. I never thought I’d be a ‘sweats and comfy shoes’ kind of person, but there I was, caught in the midst of a yoga pants and sweatshirt rebellion taking over my closet. As we started stepping out again, I realized my wardrobe desperately needed a revival. Thankfully, Kirsti never lost faith that I’d break free from the comfy clutches of loungewear. If you’re feeling the pinch of a wardrobe crisis or just want to boost your confidence with some fresh, fabulous finds, join me at the Difference. I managed to oust the yoga pant brigade—and with a little help, you can too! Let’s rediscover the joy of dressing up and turn the page on our fashion stories together. And don’t worry, they’ve got sweatshirts too—but only the kind that turn heads and spark conversations.

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