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Style Spotlight: Client, Laura Steenson & Personal Stylist, Kirsti

September 4, 2019 10:24 pm

The school year has officially begun for most, so we thought it was appropriate to feature a teacher in this month’s Style Spotlight. Laura Steenson, a High School Theatre Teacher has been working with Personal Stylist Kirsti Calhoun at The Difference for almost 15 years.

On describing her lifestyle: I am either on or off, there’s no middle ground. I work 60+ hours a week during the school year, so I need something professional but comfortable. And since I teach theatre, that also means I do technical theatre, so I have to be able to build sets or paint things in whatever I wore to work. But dressing up and all that isn’t the real me. I was an athlete all through high school and college with a uniform of sweats and a hoodie, and that still holds true for when I’m at home. My wardrobe is ridiculous – highly professional clothes, and then a drawer full of ratty old t-shirts and pajama pants!

How did you hear about The Difference? My mom found them! When I graduated with my master’s and became a certified teacher, my mom gave me the gift of my first “The Difference” appointment.

On favorite things about her Personal Stylist, Kirsti, and experience at The Difference: Kirsti gets me. She understands what I do and don’t like about my body, she’s never offended if I tell her I don’t like something and she works to figure out what will work for my personal tastes and lifestyle needs, while still staying trendy. It’s not just a business relationship anymore – over the years we’ve become friends, and I know I can trust her judgement (even when my own is failing me!)

On favorite memories associated with The Difference: I do get compliments on my clothing and jewelry all the time – I’m a statement necklace girl – and the compliment is almost always followed by “where’d you get it?”  My students have gotten so used to my answer that instead of asking where I got it, they now say “it’s from The Difference, huh?”

Thinking about trying out The Difference Personal Styling Services? Laura’s words of wisdom:  The Difference carries something for all sizes and styles and are used to all preferences. The confidence I have in my ability to shop for and dress myself is 100% because of them.

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