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Style Spotlight: Client, Heidi Johnson Bixby & Personal Stylist, Cheryl

January 8, 2019 10:56 am

A new feature in our monthly Style Expressions newsletter for 2019 is the Style Spotlight where we’ll showcase a relationship formed at The Difference. To kick off our series it seemed only fitting to feature previous and present owners of The Difference. A few snippets from our conversation with the two of them and their relationship since 1994.

Heidi Johnson Bixby, a client for 25 years, owns four small businesses, including The Difference since 2016. A true visionary she has the ability to move businesses forward with her entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom.

Cheryl LeDoux is the founder and Stylist at The Difference. She’s touched the lives of hundreds of women through the years by building relationships and helping women feel good about themselves through the expression of their personality in clothes, make-up and accessories.

The Beginning and Why It Works…

Heidi: I first started working with Cheryl at the age of 25. I remember being a bit hesitant on whether the investment in building a relationship with someone to help me with my fashion needs was going to be worth it. I quickly learned The Difference goes way beyond helping women with their fashion needs.

The Difference is about listening to women and learning their story, then accurately portraying that story through fashion. Cheryl worked with me to understand mine and has helped me evolve it over time. She ensured the messages I wanted to send to the world around me (at the time, I wanted to dress my age but also appear professional) were accurately reflected in my clothing, accessories and makeup.

This has shifted and changed through the years, the messages I wanted to send in my 20s aren’t the same as I now head into my 50s. But Cheryl has worked with me this entire time to understand those nuances and ensure my style reflects my unique and true spirit.

Cheryl is the first person I call when I have an event or photoshoot scheduled and need to look my best. She knows me, respects me and makes sure the message I need to send is honored in the way I look.

On Style…

Cheryl: I’d describe Heidi as sophisticated and casual. Heidi has so many irons in the fire she needs items that pull together fast and do the job without any fuss.

On Favorites…

Heidi: I love the solid basics that make dressing easy, adding a favorite piece of jewelry that finishes the look.  And, I have more Tees by Tina than I can count!

On Inspiring Each Other…

Heidi: Cheryl knows what works and what doesn’t for me. Although I’ll crinkle my nose at a new pant style, she knows what will not only fit but also look good. She’s good at pushing me out of my comfort zone, which I appreciate when it comes to fashion.

Cheryl: Heidi is a big picture person. It motivates her to take on projects that come across as too grandiose for others. For years we used to do her wardrobe appointment and then go to lunch and brainstorm. I always left those appointments inspired.

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