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Style Spotlight: Client, Diane Forbes & Personal Stylist, KC

November 4, 2019 7:24 pm

Diane Forbes decided to give The Difference a try after driving by our Lake Oswego store on her daily commute. Inside she found Personal Stylist, KC Bildner and signed up for personal styling services – something she’d be looking for a long time.

Personal Stylist, KC Bildner (left) and Client, Diane Forbes stand outside our Lake Oswego boutique.

Client Name: Diane Forbes

Time Working with The Difference: Six months

Profession/Lifestyle:  I’m a project manager for a small business, which means I’m often working! I also enjoy time spent out with my husband and family, traveling and the great outdoors.

My work-life is split; I am frequently in meetings where professional dress is appropriate but may also be on a construction site on the same day, so my wardrobe needs to be really versatile.

On Diane’s relationship with KC, Personal Stylist:

KC gets me – she has from the beginning. She has encouraged me to branch out of my comfort zone and does a great job pairing up outfits for me, not just individual pieces. Working with KC has been everything I ever hoped for in a stylist: an easy conversation and having someone who keeps up with fashion do the hard work for me.

On shopping with a Personal Stylist:

Shopping is so much more fun and encouraging when the scales are tipped in my favor. I’m no longer spending so much time feeling like nothing fits or works quite right, ultimately buying things that aren’t great on me or for me. I can get more done shopping in an hour with KC’s help than I ever did on my own in a full day!

On investing in Personal Styling services:

My investment in the styling services at The Difference has been well worth the money. Overall it is not a huge cost (trust me, I looked for a long time for something similar). The result has been a more conscious spend on my clothing. I have never left The Difference with something that I regret in a few days because it doesn’t really work with anything I have at home, or because it doesn’t really look that great. Instead I’ve been able to start building a wardrobe with pieces that all work together – both on my body and for my lifestyle.

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