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Strength in Vulnerability

June 30, 2020 10:52 pm

Sharing a post written from our client Alicia after visiting Personal Stylist, Daron, at our Vancouver location:

There is Strength in Vulnerability. “I am often the only woman in my meeting space. With the exception of my young employees, I am usually the youngest person in any work room that I’m in. And, I am married to my business partner, who is well-respected in an industry we share. I can (and have been) labeled ditzy. Men have told me in boardrooms that I’m sexy (?). Sexy and ditzy? No thanks.

I recently pitched FoxFace for the first time. I struggled with what to wear. No one wants to hear a million dollar ask dressed too sexy or perceived as ditzy. While I pulled it off, I later told Joe how uncomfortable I am in my own skin. How uncomfortable I am pitching in the clothes that I love.

Yesterday, I went to see @life_styled_by_daron to discuss. We played with clothes at @thedifference_pdx for about two hours and I walked away with new pitching outfits that make me feel comfortable, approachable and, even though I already know this about myself, smart.

I totally recommend visiting with Daron. Yes, there’s fun clothes involved, but she dives into the psychology of appearances and reassures you about self-imposed doubts (imposter syndrome is real!) that can be quieted if you understand where they’re coming from. 5 stars. Would recommend again and again.”⭐️

The Difference

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