KC Bildner

Fashion Trend: Ankle Spotting

July 31, 2018 5:37 pm

From showing off your ankles to bold and soft florals, this season will not disappoint. New silhouettes, patterns, color mixing and boldness are the trends! Take a chance and try something new. We’ll help you match the trends within your style story.

Showing your ankles is the new cleavage

Cropped pants for work and fun combined with boots or mules are hot for fall. Whether you’re petite or tall, this trend can be worn and is one of the easiest ways to stay current. This trend can be tricky though, done wrong and you’re quick to look frumpy. The wrong shoe and/or pant can cancel the look. The length of pant and style of shoe is imperative. Try wearing a fashion sneaker or bootie that allows for an inch of ankle showing. You can also roll and alter your pants to allow for space between your shoe and pants.

KC Bildner

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