Customer Cynthia McNally

March 8, 2024 9:27 pm

This month we are featuring Dr. Cynthia McNally. Cynthia makes a point of supporting local businesses & has introduced many of her friends to The Difference. We appreciate you, Cynthia!

Tell us why you LOVE shopping at The Difference & have been such an advocate & even referred your friends: 

I love the quality of the clothing & accessories, not cheap but generally affordable. I also love that there are constantly new items – many that I cannot find elsewhere. The Difference has a wonderful combination of wardrobe staples, but also some statement pieces that are truly unique.

How does your clothing affect your day-to-day life? Tell us a little about your company – what would you like readers to know? 

Personally, I love clothes & shoes! (Maybe too much?) Some mornings, I wake up exhausted & not ready to face the day. When I put on a nice outfit, my confidence & energy are uplifted. Also, I think patients appreciate a doctor who looks polished & professional.

Evergreen Women’s Health in Vancouver provides personalized care for women. We are one of the few independent women’s health clinics in the Portland metropolitan area & many of our patients cross the bridge from Portland to see us. We allot more time for visits & embrace both Western Medicine & also complimentary therapies. While many of the larger clinics seem to just check off boxes & follow set algorithms, we offer more personalized care. We are strong believers in preventative & complementary medicine & advocate for women to have the information they need to make their most informed health decisions.

What is your fave thing about shopping at The Difference?

The sales associates at The Difference have come to know my style & I appreciate that. They will sometimes pick out items that I think are NOT my style & then I am pleasantly surprised when they work. I’ve attended First Friday events, shopped with my friends, met new connections & enjoy the community offered by The Difference.

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