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Client, Tootie MacKenzie and Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun

March 31, 2023 11:35 pm

In our April Style Spotlight we chat with Tootie MacKenzie, a client of our Lake Oswego boutique. She talks about her relationship with Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun and what makes The Difference so special.


How long have you been a client of The Difference, and how did you originally hear of us? 

I have been a client since 2007.  Cheryl came to the company I worked for and put on a seminar. There were some questionable fashion trends going on (bare midriffs and low cut tops come to mind) and our company put on the seminar for both men and women in professional roles. I was transitioning from a role behind a desk to a sales position where I was making outside calls.  I was in/out of my car in all kinds of weather and in a role that put me out in front, as an ambassador. Perfect timing to up my game! Cheryl referred me to Kirsti and the rest is history! Kirsti helped me add to my wardrobe, taught me how to mix and match to get the most out of closet, and we added accessories to pull it all together.

Tell us about your profession and lifestyle journey, and a little about how The Difference has walked alongside you. 

After my sales role for 12 years, I transitioned into management and moved to Eugene (Go Ducks!) This added another fashion challenge. Being in a management role, but in Eugene where things are a little more relaxed than the Portland area. Kirsti to the rescue! Now currently, I am retired and living a completely different lifestyle, and I still come to The Difference. As I am adjusting to a more casual relaxed lifestyle, as well as pieces for travel, I’m learning how to put some of those business pieces together with jeans instead of skirts and slacks. Yay!


Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist, Kirsti, and experience at The Difference.

I have saved sooooo much time and money!  I love coming in, spending an hour and leaving with my whole seasonal wardrobe. Cell phones have made a big difference so that I can take photos of what’s in my closet and share them with Kirsti to fill in any blanks. Kirsti knows my style, colors, willingness to go bold, etc. and finds the perfect pieces, just for me. I love walking into the dressing room with everything ready! We chat a bit about what she’s put together, start the trying on process, and I’m out. I can’t recall a time when there were pieces that really didn’t work for me too often…. Maybe just too many that DID work and I had to choose those that fit my budget!  I’ve also had several closet organizing appointments with Kirsti in my home that were so great and efficient, I would highly recommend them.


Do you have a favorite outfit/product/memory associated with The Difference?  

Participating in a couple of fashion shows was very fun, and lovely to meet other clients and see how the stylists put things together in different ways. I also fondly remember finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress for my daughter’s wedding. Kirsti and I started looking online, I ordered any that looked like possibilities, brought them all into The Difference, and had my daughter join us for the final decision.  That was so fun and special.


What’s something you’d share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference?  

Kirsti and The Difference have been there for me through ALL of these life transitions.  I always receive so many compliments on my “put together” look and get lots of “where did you get that?” Plus it’s rare when I stand in front of my closet and feel like I don’t have the right thing to wear. It’s my pleasure to share it is from “The Difference!”

The Difference

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