Client, Teresa Barrett and Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier-Clemons

November 3, 2023 8:50 pm

This month we are featuring Teresa Barrett and her Personal Stylist, Daron. Teresa has been a client for over 28 years and shares her perspective on what makes The Difference!

“The Difference – it’s the perfect name for the business! It really has made a difference in my life!”

Teresa started shopping at The Difference when she was a stay-at-home mom living in West Linn, OR. A friend referred her and she began her style journey by getting her colors done and starting a new skincare and makeup routine.

“It was really a confidence booster and such a big time saver, I have been using the skincare and makeup from The Difference ever since. I really appreciate that I can stay current, have knowledgeable advice and simplicity in my routine. The natural look that you can achieve without a heavy makeup look has always been appealing to me. It’s also fun to sit in the chair and have my Stylist do my makeup and teach me new tricks.”

Over the years Teresa has received innumerable compliments on her skin – to which she says, “It’s The Difference!”.

Teresa found her style partner and lifelong friend in Cheryl LeDoux. They walked through many of life’s changes and chapters together. Cheryl seamlessly helped to address Teresa’s changing lifestyle needs as she went to work full-time at Barrett & Co. CPA’s, a family-owned firm in Camas, WA. 3 years ago, Teresa began working with Daron as her stylist on yet another new chapter – semi-retirement, with more time for golf, family time and travel.

“I have long appreciated the honesty from the team at The Difference and the fact that they are thinking ahead. Not just the trends but the life events and transitional pieces that can make getting dressed so much more fun. Daron has been so helpful in identifying pieces that work in my new lifestyle, while honoring my style and flattering my figure.”

The experience of having curated options that mix and match, while being true to her personal style and lifestyle needs really helps Teresa feel like she can open her closet and find the right thing to wear for any occasion. Recently, she took a 2-week trip to Italy and worked with Daron to build a capsule wardrobe that included new pieces, as well as pieces already in the closet. “It felt so good to take just a carry-on and I got so many compliments on how stylish I was – from Europeans! That felt extra fun!”

“I love that I can rely on the expert – I can buy fashion that brings me joy and grow older with class & style.”


– Teresa

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