The Difference

Client Spotlight

June 9, 2017 8:37 pm

Kirsti’s works with Deana Coppernoll who began her adventure at The Difference over 10 years ago. She says, “I was embarking on a professional career, a new marriage and getting to know Oregon as my new home.  I avoided shopping so was thrilled get help with what worked and what didn’t  . . . what do you mean I shouldn’t wear bright pink?  I soon learned about the right colors for me, ‘underpinnings’ and ‘shooshing’.”

Little did Deana know The Difference was going to travel on life’s twists and turns with her over the next decade. Turns such as stepping away from her corporate career to be with “the most amazing person”, her daughter.  “She inspired me to become more healthy, start running again and find my happy place. I celebrated the new me with The Difference.”

Her next twist was when she decided to re-launch her career. “As I interviewed, The Difference was there to listen, support and provide the confidence – whether it was an edgy black pant or being creative with a great pair of shoes. I am at a twist and turn again in my life, starting on a new career path in a completely different industry. I continue to be challenged and humbled being a mom and wife in the crazy adventure of our family, and yes, The Difference is right there with me. To all the ladies who have helped me through my journey, I want to say ‘Thank you’.”

The Difference

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