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Client, Natalie Pacholl and Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier-Clemons

June 30, 2022 12:36 am

In our July Style Spotlight we talk to Natalie, a long time client of Daron’s before she even joined The Difference team!

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle and work: I work from home with some travel as a project manager. On a typical day, I mostly see coworkers via zoom meetings. I love dancing and wine tasting, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with my husband. I have a close circle of friends who love the arts, we go to museums, theater, and a variety of shows and concerts. I am creative, and paint, do printmaking, knit and am learning to sew. I also love hiking, and my dog takes me for at least one long walk (usually two or three) every day.

What are some of your favorite things about your styling experience? I love taking the time to sit down and think about how I want to show up in the world, and how the way I present can reflect who I am. I also love how I leave my styling experience with clothes that fit really well and are comfortable. I could spend days trying on jeans elsewhere, and end up spending money on multiple pairs of jeans that don’t quite fit. Instead, shopping with Daron allows me to just show up and she finds me the perfect fit within minutes! I have learned so much from Daron about clothing care, cut and why some styles work and others don’t on me, as well as how to style outfits so they come together in an interesting way. She understands who I am, my style, and I never feel pressured to spend a certain amount of money. It is a creative process, and I look forward to getting dressed after a styling session.

Do you have a favorite memory/product associated with The Difference? My favorite memory would be coming in to get a sharp jacket for a job interview. Having the perfect jacket helped me feel pumped and confident, I knew I looked professional and I didn’t need to fuss with anything or adjust anything–I could just walk into the space feeling present and confident.

I also have a favorite product – the Lolafaturiloves red and turquoise dress! I feel absolutely on fire every time I wear it. And I love how I can pair it with a jacket and a more grounding necklace and it is work appropriate or I can dress it up. It’s so unique and stand out but also practical for me.

What’s something you’d share with women who are thinking about shopping at The Difference? I feel like a lot of women dress to hide – either their size, or perceived flaws. The world often gives women the message that we are too much, or not enough at the same time. Plus I think a lot of women tell themselves that they have to wait to buy amazing clothes until they are at some goal weight or meet some other condition. I have found the process at The Difference powerful as it helps uncover who you are and how to confidently assert your style and creativity in a way that I find powerful. You don’t need to wait or change, you can be your amazing self now! Wearing clothes that feel authentic and are comfortable helps me do to this.

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