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Client, Martye Haugstad and Personal Stylist, Nicole Cameron

July 1, 2021 12:06 am
Personal Stylist, Nicole Cameron and Client
Nicole and Martye sport the half-tuck, a current way to add playful, asymmetrical style to a button up.

This month’s Style Spotlight features Martye, a client of the Difference for close to 20 years! We talk to her about her experience working with Nicole Cameron, Personal Stylist.

How long have you been a client of The Difference?

I believe 18-20 years. I love telling other people about the experience and products at The Difference.

Profession: Ministry Director

How do you describe your lifestyle:  Casual and outdoorsy. I love the outdoors and getting out to walk, play pickleball and hike with friends and family.

How did you hear about The Difference? Through two ladies I met at church. They always looked so put together, it was striking to me. Turns out they both worked at The Difference!

Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist and experience at The Difference? Nicole is a great listener and really cares about me loving my selections. Why purchase if you don’t love it? She also is a lot of fun and I trust her to take me out of my comfort zone a bit. She helps me to stay current and comfortable in whatever I am wearing.

Do you have a favorite outfit/product/memory associated with The Difference? I still remember my first appointment and how much I learned and was blown away be the level of service!

What’s something you’d share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference? You will learn a lot about your personal style and what looks best on you. Also, you will save time and make your best wardrobe choices working with a stylist, as well as stretch your current wardrobe by learning how to mix and match better. They are knowledgeable, well organized and fun to work with!

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