The Difference

Client, Jen Werdel and Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier

January 11, 2022 12:59 am

We kick off our 2022 Style Spotlight by hearing from Jen Werdel who works with Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier.

Tell us about your lifestyle: Professionally, I’m the Director of Marketing and Communications, Rose Villa Senior Living. I work from home most of the time, so describe my fashion lifestyle as casual! When I do go into the office, every day feels like the first day of school, with me laying out my outfit down to jewelry, socks and underwear, the night before.

Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist and experience at The Difference? I tell everyone Daron is a magician because it’s uncanny the way she can size you up (in a good way!) She gently pushes my comfort zone, encouraging me to try on things I would normally pass by, helps me look past my body insecurities, and has a knack for keeping an eye out for things that will work for me. Plus we have a lot of fun, too!

Do you have a favorite outfit associated with The Difference? Oh yes! My tiger dress is to die for with my yellow heels.

What’s something you’d share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference? Shopping at The Difference is like a little trip to the spa. I feel pampered and cared for, like I am shopping with my best friend who wouldn’t steer me wrong. My wardrobe reflects the woman I feel like on the inside, and I no longer feel hemmed in by stores whose sizing doesn’t fit me properly. Don’t let the small square footage fool you – I LOVE that there are new shipments arriving EVERY WEEK! There is always something new to consider OR that would mix up my basics, and the Wednesday Facebook videos with Daron are a highlight of my week. You don’t have to take my word for it, though, ask anyone who is a client and they will tell you the same thing: it’s literally changed the way I shop and I love the way I look and feel!

The Difference

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