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Client, Annie Hieronymus and Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier-Clemons

March 3, 2022 8:57 pm

In our March Style Spotlight we chat with Annie Hieronymus, a Business and Marketing Consultant and grad student in MS Applied Psychology for business at USC.

Talk to us about your lifestyle

My lifestyle is based on how I want to feel, not on how I want things to look or how others will perceive me. I love being in nature and enjoying my newfound realization of being an introvert. That means home-cooked meals, meeting a friend for lunch, going on photography nature walks, voraciously learning about everything from quantum physics to ADHD hacks for myself and kids, journaling by the fireplace, traveling with my husband of 23 years, and helping others however I can.

You’re a recent client of The Difference, talk about your experience.

Daron knew how to ask me questions that gave her an insight into my personality and values so that she could translate my essence into making my outside (clothing style) more match my inside. This is such a rare gift!

Daron used her ability to “feel” between the lines of my intake answers along with our in-person conversation to curate outfits that feel like home as well as nudge me to be more “out loud” with my self-expression. As our session continued, she constantly updated and developed the options she presented to get even closer to that warm, smiley feeling you get when you try on something that feels like it’s made for you. I also appreciated when the off-piece wasn’t working for fit reasons, or just didn’t feel right, she gave her honest opinion and found something else that would work. I really trusted that she wanted me to feel amazing—not just sell me clothes.

What would you share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference?

The Difference is for people who don’t know how to use personal style to help them feel like their true self, people who don’t have time to curate a whole season’s worth of unique pieces, and for people who want to feel like someone in their community truly cares about them.

I would recommend The Difference for anyone who has gone through a change in life and needs a restart as well as for people who are entrepreneurs and want to show up authentically in person or for a branding photo-shoot.  I’d highly recommend The Difference experience as a gift to give someone else who could benefit from a little more love and smiles in their life.

The Difference

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