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Client, Amelia Safley and Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun

October 5, 2021 9:05 pm

Let’s chat with Amelia Safley, a client of the Difference since her first introduction to our store at the age of 12 when she came in for a makeup and skincare session! Today, she works with Kirsti Calhoun, Personal Stylist on skincare, makeup and clothing and accessories for every season.

Tell us about your lifestyle:
I have 2 awesome, busy kids, and an amazing, active husband. My family keeps me busy coaching softball and attending sporting events. Our days are spent working, schooling, and on sports fields or camping. My work is active too (I’m an interior designer), managing client home visits, researching new design products, and running home construction projects on-site and from afar. Similar to The Difference team, we are always moving, and servicing our clients. I need good, comfortable, stylish shoes, and that is my favorite accessory The Difference offers!

How did you hear about The Difference?
My mom was a family friend of the inspiring founder of The Difference, Cheryl Ledoux. She scheduled a makeup and color consult for my twin sister and I – at the age of 12! – and the rest is history.

Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist and experience at The Difference?
I don’t have time to shop. Really. It just does not happen, and when I do, it’s too overwhelming, or the sizes are not right. I leave the mall feeling like I only completed half the task. When I call or text Kirsti, she pre-selects outfits, and has them ready in a dressing room when I arrive. Kirsti selects pieces catered to my lifestyle, both for home and work. By the time I walk into the store, I am trying on items, and already discussing the options. She pushes me out of my comfort zone, but never compromises comfort. Being able to move freely and have flexibility with pieces is important to me. My work day can be filled with various appointments, ranging from walking a warehouse, or jobsite in framing, to meeting a new client in our studio. The occasional travel takes me to Montana or Bend, to service client’s second homes, or market trips to Las Vegas or North Carolina. Kirsti mixes and matches items to work together to form multiple outfits and options, whether work-casual, or life-casual.

Do you have a favorite outfit/product/memory associated with The Difference?
I purchased an amazing, red plaid jacket with leather trim a few years back. I still wear it every Fall, and for holiday parties. It stays in my closet through Valentine’s Day. I may never get tired of it.

What’s something you’d share with women to encourage them to shop at The Difference?
I think women tend to do good things for others. Having a personal stylist at The Difference forces me to treat myself each season. It is a way of shopping that saves me time. Time is critical, especially since I am raising kids, coaching and working. The time saved, coupled with the confidence gained from having great, thoughtful design of wardrobe and makeup, sets me apart in a way that matters. I am not a person who likes to stand out in a glaring way, but to have a thoughtful appearance is important to me. If clients see something new and interesting, fresh and tasteful in my look, they are more likely to trust me to design their home. The Difference carries lines and styles that cater to our lifestyles, no matter where life takes us.

The Difference

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