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Cheryl Shares – December

November 29, 2016 3:52 am


Change is inevitable

fingerWhether you seek it out or it finds you… No matter the change it’s always for the best in the end, yet the process can be uncomfortable. When you step outside of your comfort zone a little bit- even just a step- that’s where the magic happens. It can be as simple as a new lipstick color or as drastic as donating a majority of your closet and starting fresh.  Regardless of the scope, change is empowering and refreshing, and a little uncomfortable. We are privileged to have your trust while we guide you out of the comfort zone and take it a step further so that you can really honor your own personal style. Just think of us as your personal trainer… but much more stylish. This Holiday Season may your outfits be effortless, your skin glowing and your shoes comfortable- when you’re ready to get a little uncomfortable you know who to call!

Just like any great trainer- we make it a habit to “practice what we preach”.

We will be closing for a few weeks right after Christmas for a remodel to provide you an enhanced styling experience.  All the things you love about shopping with us at The Difference, with a few updates sure to inspire! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for sneak peeks of the remodeling process and be on the lookout in your email for progress pictures- we are so excited to share our new look with you all!  When we’re covered in sawdust and buried in hangers we will just smile…embrace the feeling of being a little uncomfortable and probably take a selfie to laugh at ourselves.

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