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Cheryl Shares

January 1, 2017 9:12 pm

When women support each other, amazing things can happen! We can balance the weight of the world with grace and kindness, and still have a little (or a lot) of fun in the process when we feel like someone cares and “has our back.” The support women receive through The Difference is one such example of this idea.

Last month our staff gathered at Cheryl’s home to celebrate former employees Kathy Ross, Adrienne Hall and Corey Gregg as they transitioned to new adventures. After a fun evening of reminiscing, as we sat together for a group photo on the stairs, in that moment, we all felt it – that powerful bond we have with each other from our shared moments at The Difference.  Adrienne captured that sentiment in an email afterward: 

“This photo was taken in 1946.  It’s a photo of my mother (the one on the far right in front with the corsage on her white blouse,) taken at a Christmas party with the women that she worked with when she lived in Trail, B.C., Canada.  I looked at that photo frequently when I was growing up, because when you’re an only child, you often pass the time looking at family photo albums on rainy Saturdays to keep yourself entertained.  I remember thinking, of course, that my mother was such a beautiful and sophisticated career woman, and wishing I could have met her friends/co-workers who attended that party, because they looked like they were having so much fun.  Trail was a mining town somewhat close to the US/Canada border, full of hard-drinking miners, mud roads and rough weather, so I’m sure these women relied on each other for camaraderie and the occasional silk stocking or two. 

I don’t need to wonder what it was like any longer.  I’ve had my own moment being together on the stairs last Sunday with all the beautiful and sophisticated women of The Difference – an evening I will look back on fondly throughout the years and say a quiet thank you for in my head from time to time, that I had to privilege to work with those people and call them my friends. “

The women of The Difference look forward to supporting you in 2017.  As we all step into the new year with our best foot forward, we can barely contain the excitement for the many moments yet to come.  Happy New Year!

The Difference

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