Kirsti Calhoun

Back-to-basics skincare routine Lesson 1: Exfoliation

September 11, 2018 10:01 am

We’ve all heard that it is important exfoliate, but do you know why? Do you even know what it does? Let’s truly go back to the basics…

Our skin cells are constantly replenishing and old cells end up sitting on the skin’s surface. Exfoliation is the technique of removing the top layer of dead skin so the new fresh cells can provide a youthful and smooth appearance. If dead skin is allowed to accumulate, it gives a more textured look (aka wrinkles, which no one wants!) Exfoliating also allows moisture to get down deep in the skin, hydrating it and creating a more youthful look.

There are two types of exfoliation available – manual and an enzyme form. Both are worked into the cleansers we offer so you don’t need to worry about adding an additional step if you don’t want to.

Manual exfoliation has some texture, so it feels a bit gritty. The manual exfoliation cleansers we offer are the Vitamin C cleanser or the Micro-Derm cleanser.

The enzyme form exfoliates with use of papaya extracts in the cleanser, helping to dissolve dead skin. Simply called the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, this foaming face wash smells amazing and suitable for all skin types.

Two new products are featured in our fall update: a sugar lip scrub that gently buffs away dryness and chapping around the delicate skin of the mouth. This vanilla-mint scented balm leaves lips softer, smoother and so very kissable!

The second new addition to our skincare family is for the ladies who prefer a mask as a little special TLC for skin. The pore perfecting peel-off mask is a cooling, clay mask helps deep cleans and peels away dull surface cells, dirt and debris. It’s enriched with algae-based skin tighteners to instantly refine the appearance of pores, and really refresh skin.

Next week we’ll talk toners!

Until then,


Kirsti Calhoun

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