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Girl Talk “June”

June 9, 2017 8:34 pm
Accessories make an ordinary outfit EXTRAORDINARY!

We say it frequently – the right necklace will always pull your outfit together. Cheryl likes to say, “Accessorizing an outfit is like punctuating your sentence.” When we put Wardrobe Expression in the picture, accessories will translate differently for everyone.

A dramatic style will tend to end her sentence with an exclamation point. A classic will complete it with a period and a natural will tend to leave off the punctuation all together!

30% of your clothing budget should be devoted to accessories. For your next update, be sure to bring in something that needs accessorizing, and we will help you punctuate your sentence correctly to match your Wardrobe Expression.

Styling Tip

Once you invest in accessories, how are you going to display them? When we go to closet appointments, we often see jewelry tucked away in a dresser drawer. Jewelry is challenging to display, and often space is not plentiful. The bottom line: when you see it, you will wear it! If you have wall space in a closet or even some space behind a door you can create a display for longer statement necklaces. We’ve taken decorative door knobs and placed them on the wall for displaying our merchandise. They are more substantial than a typical hook and can hold several pieces.
Our client, Anne Blumer, who is a professional organizer took it one step further. She created her own wall display so her wonderful pieces from The Difference would be accessible. Anne covered a board with fiberfill and fabric. She then placed the same style of door knob on the board for a uniform look. Note how her wire earrings are displayed as well. Since the fiberfill is underneath the fabric, the wires easily grab onto the board and will stay secure.

Thanks for the fabulous idea, Anne!

The Difference

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