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The Magic of our Skincare Line

November 1, 2022 8:23 pm

To highlight skin care from a slightly different perspective this month, we thought we would share a recent conversation with our lovely client Anne Marie Lowe and our Personal Stylist, Kirsti Calhoun.

Kristi: How long have you used the skin care now, and tell us what specific products you use? 

I have been using the skin care since June 2021, and use the sensitive skin care line.

My routine is Azulen Cleanser, Aloe Cucumber Toner, Vitasilk Serum in morning, HA Serum in the evening, Azulen moisture in the morning, Probiotic moisture in the evening. Neck and Eye cream twice a day, and the Pineapple scrub twice a week. (Whew!)

Kirsti: That sounds great, and it certainly sounds like all the important steps are there! Historically what have been your main skin challenges?

My challenges have been sensitivity and redness with my skin showing light symptoms of Rosacea. Dryness in the lip area, which by the way, the eye/neck cream has been amazingly helpful in this delicate zone! Also flaky skin when foundation is applied… which is incredibly annoying.

Kirsti: Oh yes, sensitive skin is so tricky. Has your routine addressed and helped those challenges? 

The sensitive skin care line has been a game changer for me!  Upon using the skin care line, I had no sensitivity/breakouts and the redness of my Rosacea has gone away.  I can now wear foundation without flaking skin and the dryness in the tender lip zone is gone. Plus, my skin feels amazing!! Last month, when I was visiting my Aesthetician for a routine eyebrow wax, she commented on how beautiful my skin looked; a professional testimonial to the skin care line I am now using.

Kirsti: That’s amazing! That IS a great testimonial! Any other benefits you’d like to highlight?

The system is very simple to use and it was great having you (my stylist) select the right products with me, test for sensitivity and add products as things progressed. At first, we started slow and only used the HA Serum twice a day and then when my skin responded so well, we were able to add the vitasilk and it was such a luxurious addition to my morning routine.

I LOVE the monthly sale categories too, since it provides me with an opportunity to stock per item, as needed.

Kirsti: Fabulous Anne Marie! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the skin care line! Overall, would you recommend it to others?



Thank you, Kirsti and Anne Marie for sharing this testimonial for our great skincare line. Don’t forget our botanically based nighttime moisturizers are on promo all November at 20% off!

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