Customer, Alicia Vennes and Sales Associate, Tamara Miller

February 16, 2024 9:28 pm

In this month’s style spotlight we chat with longtime customer, Alicia Vennes. Alicia shares why she loves shopping at The Difference & what her experience as a customer has been like.

Tell us why you LOVE shopping at The Difference & have been such an advocate, even referring your friends to shop with us.

I love The Difference for so many reasons, but I’ve consistently referred friends & family because of how The Difference team makes me feel when I’m at their shop & when I’m wearing their clothes. The Difference is more than clothes – it’s a way to show the world who you are!

How does your clothing affect your day-to-day life? Tell us a little about your companies & what you would like readers to know!

I am the owner of Stars Staffing Group, FoxFace Systems, Inc. & Pilina, Inc. Each company serves the property management industry. A different version of me shows up for each role. Stars Staffing Group requires that I am relatable. FoxFace requires a polished CEO. Pilina, my new property management company, requires a combination of both. My clothes reflect who I am in each of those settings. Often, an elevated casual look presents me just fine. Other times, I need to turn on the boss babe vibe & some Joseph Ribkoff does the trick! Either way, I know that I can count on The Difference to have just the right look for me to swing by the boutique & leave in 30-minutes or less feeling dialed in!

What is your fave thing about shopping with Tamara? 

I always love shopping with Tamara. She really understands my style & has great suggestions while also making me feel like my shopping time is really restorative & never stressful. She fills my cup!


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