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Client, Stacy Peterson and Personal Stylist, Nicole Cameron

May 31, 2023 4:12 pm

In this month’s Style Spotlight we talk to Stacy Peterson, a client of The Difference for 33 years! She shares some wonderful memories of Cheryl and information she continues to gleam from her current stylist, Nicole.

Stacy with Cheryl

How long have you been a client of The Difference? I’ve been a client for an amazing 33 years! Easy to remember because I had my first appointment with Cheryl just after my first child was born. She and I worked together during pregnancies, job changes, TV appearances (where I needed major makeup expertise!) travel adventures, weddings and so much more. Cheryl loaned me her Grandmother’s coat to wear over my mother-of-the-groom dress when my son was married one fall. She knew it would look just great – and she was right, as usual!

Why did you start shopping at The Difference ? My husband heard about it from a co-worker and gave me a gift certificate. Over the years he has loved getting me gifts from the Difference – knowing that they will always be just what I want since The Difference team picks them out!

What’s your favorite memory or lesson you learned from Cheryl?  I learned how to take the current styles and make them “me” appropriate.  She showed me how clothing can highlight the right areas and downplay other areas and to have fun while doing it!

How do you describe your lifestyle?    Active, outdoors, lots of travel

Describe your current style. I’m recently retired so it’s a lot more casual than it used to be, but my style is classic with a slightly quirky twist.

Tell us about your recent experience modeling in our Spring Fashion Showcase.  The Fashion showcase was so upbeat and fun!  The clothes were fantastic (of course) and it was great to get to spend time with other Difference clients, everyone was very kind and supportive.

Describe some of your favorite things about your experience with Stylist Nicole. She has an amazing eye for bringing patterns and colors together in a unique and fun way. I love getting texts from her with suggestions for a piece that coordinates with something in my closet.

What is something you would share with women to encourage them to honor their personal style?  I’d encourage them not to be afraid to try new styles on. They may not always work, but you learn new things about yourself and may discover a new aspect of your style.

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