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Client, Kelly Smith, and Personal Stylist, Babs Osterud

January 30, 2023 6:28 pm

For our February Style Spotlight we talk with Kelly, a client of Personal Stylist, Babs, out of our Lake Oswego boutique.

Tell us about your yourself. My name is Kelly Smith, and I started working with The Difference last October. Professionally, I’m a lead hospice nurse, and finishing a role as a Legal Nurse Consultant. I’m also of the mom to active five-year-old daughter and a wife. I work full-time seeing hospice clients and handling the administration for the agency. This keeps me on the go a lot since I wear multiple hats. In my free time I love to go to the park with my daughter and spend time with my family. 

How did you hear about The Difference? I have driven past the Lake Oswego location so many times over the last 5 five years. I kept seeing the sign that advertised Personal Styling. At that time, it was suggested that Legal Nurse Consultants should enlist the help of a Personal Stylist so they could maintain a professional appearance. Following the birth of my daughter, my body has changed so I wanted to learn how to look and feel good today.

Describe some of your favorite things about your Stylist, Babs, and experience at The Difference? I was worried that it would be intimidating; I am not a girly girl. I feel comfortable with asking questions about style and makeup and I always feel welcome. 

In your short time working with The Difference have you had any favorite moments? I was anti skinny jeans and Babs said, “you should try them.” I put them on and was surprised that I really like them! The same can be said about the camo top I am wearing (see picture.) I put it on and really liked it!

Any words of wisdom to women considering shopping at The Difference? Yes, please know that The Difference does have Plus sizes and that they really do meet you where you are in your style, fashion, and body type. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kelly!

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