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Client, Kathleen Cushing and Personal Stylist, Daron Deonier

June 3, 2021 4:43 pm

In this month’s Style Spotlight we chat with Kathleen Cushing, an attorney who started working with Daron, her current Personal Stylist after watching one of her live streaming segments.

Tell us about when you first started working with The Difference: I’ve been a client for about 20 years, after hearing about The Difference from a friend who was traveling overseas. I needed some simple but fun pieces that I could mix and match on an upcoming 3-4 week trip to Europe. The Difference helped me tremendously!

Tell us about Daron, your current Personal Stylist: I met Daron by watching one of her live streaming segments. She has fun with clothes, and knows how they can apply to different body types. Plus, she is update and at ease, even in front of a camera! Daron speaks to me in a clear, fun and precise way that reaches my textile geek in a satisfying way.

When was your latest appointment at The Difference? Most recently I was at The Difference and tried their new skin care system – so simple and effective! I also updated my makeup and tried on a few necessary pieces that Daron surprised me with. It was so enjoyable!

Why do you like working with The Difference? Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? I feel like that is where The Difference excels – by making you feel accepted, seen and beautiful. There is a “no judgement” attitude about Daron and other stylists, plus the joy of working with folks who keep up with my personal needs and suggest fun, unexpected style changes.



The Difference

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