The Difference

Client, Cyndi Aerni, and Personal Stylist Nicole Cameron

March 2, 2023 7:48 pm

In today’s Style Spotlight we hear from Cyndi Aerni, a client from our Lake Oswego boutique. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cyndi!

About 10 years ago I discovered The Difference after driving by multiple times and being intrigued by the shop and “personal styling services.” When my curiosity got the better of me I finally decided to stop in. I was greeted by Cheryl, who explained the styling services and made an appointment with me for a couple of weeks later. When I arrived to the appointment, one of the things Cheryl did was add a jacket to the outfit I was wearing and POW…ELEVATED!  We discussed clothing, makeup, shoes, and hair that day…I was sold and I’ve never looked back!

I am in full time private practice as a licensed mental health therapist and would describe my style as business casual to weekend casual. Occasionally I need something specific for a trip or an event and my stylist Nicole is great at searching the inventory for ideas. She knows my style and offers multiple suggestions. She also offers me the “new trends” and is completely understanding if I’m “not quite ready” for the newest style. I love that she offers it though…you never know unless you try it on!! I also appreciate that Nicole will give an honest opinion about whether she thinks a piece is working for or against me. She reaches out to me when she sees something I might like and sends a photo. It’s like text shopping…awesome!

Because shopping isn’t among my favorite things to do so I really appreciate being able to make an appointment with Nicole and arrive to find great outfits lining my dressing room! I never have to shop alone or wander aisles searching through endless racks of clothing because I have an expert named Nicole who does that for me! She’s also just a kind, fun, and thoughtful person and I enjoy her company!

In addition to my work, I love to travel, spend time with family and grandchildren, explore new foods, and enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful PNW. I am into comfort and classy with a hint of quirky and fun. I love the clothing, shoe, and jewelry lines I find at The Difference because I can usually find something to wear that works for my style AND all of the things I love to do!  I frequently receive compliments when I’m wearing outfits from The Difference and even my granddaughter, who is an 8 year old budding fashionista, compliments my “Diff” outfits!  Those are the best!!

The Difference

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