Girl Talk “February”

It feels as though the New Year has just started and we are all feeling anticipation for the sunny days of Spring- or maybe we are just too excited to show off our new peep-toe booties…As we make ourselves at home in our newly remodeled space it really does bring back so many memories- if […]

Cheryl Shares

When women support each other, amazing things can happen! We can balance the weight of the world with grace and kindness, and still have a little (or a lot) of fun in the process when we feel like someone cares and “has our back.” The support women receive through The Difference is one such example of […]

Check Out Our Refresh!

We have an updated website and social media curated especially for YOU! Follow us on facebook and instagram for daily fashion inspiration and sneak peeks on the latest arrivals in the boutique. As the seasons change so must we and we couldn’t be more excited about the looks for Fall. It’s really amazing how simply […]